Economy, Industry and prosperity

There are many reasons why the mass production of refrigerators would strengthen the manufacturing base of countries in the Middle East, Africa and Central and South America.

Firstly, it produces a skilled labor force of engineers, technicians and production stuff, who are trained to undertake every aspect of manufacturing technology -an invaluable national asset.

Secondly, the industry satisfies the expanding demand

for refrigeration equipment in homes, offices, shops, cafes and supermarkets. At present sadly and inexplicably most underdeveloped countries import refrigerators in large numbers when they should be making these products themselves. The annual market worldwide for refrigeration products is worth around $45 billion, and the world's emerging nations ought to take their rightful share of this huge, stable and permanent industrial market.

Thirdly, refrigeration equipment is a item that is ideally suited for export to wealthy industrialized nations, thus earning valuable foreign currency. As there are few breakthroughs in refrigeration science, it is unlikely that more advanced countries could undercut or outdate these products. Refrigeration, therefore, fits naturally into national economic plans and the established pattern of world trade.

Above all, refrigeration products make an enormous contribution to improving public health and food safety in both urban and rural communities. The instant available of fresh food and drink; the storage of clean water and medical supplies such as vaccines - kept safe inside a refrigerator - are essential for developing a healthy, happy population and creating a modern, industrial society.

The scope for the production of refrigeration equipment of the highest quality, reliability and at very low cost is unlimited. And the key for turning this important opportunity into reality - is Lematic.