Our Services

The construction of large appliance factories as a package or turnkey projects in one of the prime specialty of Lematic which has accumulated immense experience in the engineering and management of major industrial projects.

From a small assembly plant to a vast multi-product factory, designed to become a major force in the country's expanding economy, Lematic recommends a scheme that best suits the need of the host nation.

Lematic services are all embracing. They include consultancy, project management, training of the workforce, cost control and product design. Lematic has a long experience in coordination with government departments and local authorities to ensure that the highest standards are maintained.

The company's business policy is that the customer and local people must always benefit from our involvement in projects. The company's investment in local manpower is the most significant example of Lematic commitment to helping the new national developing economies.

1- Design and engineering

Once specification have been received and the details of your project are agreed upon, your requirement will be fulfilled and reliability.

Lematic highly developed manufacturing techniques can be geared to create a flexible production program, which can be easily altered to meet national or international market needs. In short, Lematic team of engineers is responsible for the project from start to finish, such as installation, fabrication, supply of equipment, and on-site services.

2-Research and development

Lematic has a continuous program of research and development in the design and manufacture of it's products so that the company's range is technically up-to-date, produced at the lowest possible cost and fully satisfies the wide variety of international and national market needs. 

For example a consideration for every one involved in the refrigeration industry, now more important than ever, is the environment. Every one agrees that the earth ozone layer must be protected. But because refrigeration has been a  major user of harmful CFCs (chloroflurocarbon) R11 and R12 gases. Lematic worked hard to incorporate the latest ozone-friendly gases in its products, and thereby meet recommendations of the 1987 Montreal Protocol on the eventual elimination of CFCs.

3-Field Services and Commissioning

When the factory is complete, Lematic commissioning and service engineers meticulously appraise the facility to ensure that all machinery are probably calibrated, and operating correctly, Lematic will continue monitoring it's performance to ensure that it is operating at maximum efficiency. In this way the operational integrity of the equipment is checked, during the first stage to ensure smooth production.

4- Training

An integral part of Lematic involvement is the education and training of local workers who will run the plant in the future. Our comprehensive on-site, service training facilities for site managers, production engineers and semi-skilled assembly line workers are the project gests underway.
At shop floor level, the training program is entitled to establish a skilled workforce fully able to operate sophisticated machinery and other production line equipment.

5-Support Services

The supply of raw material, semi finished parts and spare parts are an essential element of our support and maintenance services, ensuring the continuity of production of factory and that total security is maintained.
Because the factory must have large quantities of ready-to-assemble components or parts held in stock on site, our engineers are experts in the compilation of all important part lists. This is essential because some components, such as motors and electronic control units, may not be available locally or at short notice.
Lastly, Lematic technical staff constantly reviews the parts suppliers to monitor whether the latest technological advances have been incorporated in their design.